4 BHK / Sell / Sun Evoq, located in Ahmedabad,

4 BHK / Sell /  Sun Evoq, located in Ahmedabad,

4 BHK / Sell / Sun Evoq, located in Ahmedabad,

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA

For Rent, For Sale, New Projects

Rs.7 Cr.

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Property ID :







6080 sq ft

Year Built



Floor Plans

Third Floor

6080 sq ft

4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

Rs.7 Cr.

Total Project Area0.6 acres (2.43K sq.m.)
Open Area75 %
Integrated Service Provider ISP for sub systems like Network, Telephone and Satellite TV
Lighting Automation via motion sensors in key common areas like parking and waiting lounge
Usage of Energy saving LED fittings in common areas
Power Backup Provision for common areas and Utilities Services
Inverter support within residences.
High Speed Elevators with ARD Automatic Rescue Device
Separate Service elevator with stretcher provision
Installation of Double Glazed French windows To Reduce Heat Gain from Fenestration
Installation of Bio Clean Glass in key common areas to maintain hygiene and aesthetic value
Smart and Efficient HVAC Solution
Central Pressurized Water Supply System with separate Hot Cold Lines
Each Residence with direct audio and video communication to guard unit
Control of lighting in parking and campus
Monitoring water levels in tanks
Handicap friendly ramps in key areas
Each residence having one toilet with grab bars, low basin, sliding doors, motion sensor

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