Flat for Sale Prahladnagar, Sarjan 2

Flat for Sale Prahladnagar, Sarjan 2

Flat for Sale Prahladnagar, Sarjan 2

Sarjan 2, Prahladnagar

For Sale

Rs.2 Cr

  • 1546593335a33cb360-5f6d-4014-b029-a7c07dbca05d
  • 1546593335a243afea-e52b-4faa-b00e-53467d7b5d9e
  • 1546593335a2427e86-b505-4174-8f18-ac7ddcbbc06f
  • 1546593336c85b0d0d-7228-4db4-9185-fa0ddc674148
  • 1546593337b0ad3f11-127b-4625-8cd9-483acc335813
  • 1546593337c5045ee2-326d-45b5-810a-f0bf23edf08c
  • 1546593340b4639a81-fe07-4cc7-a17b-d4ce567f7249
  • 15465933280ac0b74c-25fc-4c3b-bf74-bdead0dd84b6
  • 15465933280f9da92b-1207-4cdd-a7c6-7d2752234fb8
  • 15465933282f29661b-c0bd-42a6-8b2f-df4e51e02552
  • 15465933283f27858d-3d5d-480a-a05f-a517e86599bd
  • 15465933284c5a465f-1730-4d5d-88f2-a97978b19828
  • 15465933296d031230-927f-4ff2-8000-904d6cdb9d1b
  • 15465933297fd6ab9e-f7c7-4a3c-9226-7b42da7363ff
  • 154659332800b7dc32-eb80-4ef0-93a3-4b2de680a899
  • 154659332905c88627-4d7d-4816-bc03-56f86179b029
  • 154659332921c6d6de-5a67-41b6-a5b6-412d84c5e7bb
  • 154659332936dfece8-fb07-4409-b0d7-6c5c2bf43282
  • 154659333027c82c68-dadb-4d4c-9999-44c6ae9143be
  • 154659333041f5e22c-5178-4474-b219-85112efa1f2c
  • 154659333088ea8f8d-6efb-4a1a-8022-abcfacf10845
  • 1546593330329bae46-1eb7-4532-8316-07c12d433dcb
  • 1546593330393f38b1-c2e5-4145-b6b2-d468ef0c1d86
  • 15465933350400ae69-9865-4ecb-8268-29299eeb059b
  • 15465933351152db33-8140-4428-b03f-5707e99946d3 (1)
  • 15465933359563f66e-777a-45af-a759-57c8c37e0ee4
  • 15465933350041737b-0dff-49a7-a95e-7a6ef439c667

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3240 Sqft


Furnished Flat available on Sale at Sarjan 2, Prahladnagar

The Fully Property is situated at prime location, /The view from the Flat space is very good, Very Specious, a very well maintained Flat developed by good builder.

This Residential Apartment Space is located at 4th floor . The age of construction for this apartment Commercial Office Space is between 5 years. Prime facilities are easily accessible from this place. So many banks are placed near by.

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